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Being a parent while completing an MBA

It is a lot of work. It means long days and sleepless nights. It requires curiosity, perseverance, and patience. It is the most challenging and […]

Curiosity: The less-acknowledged benefit of the MBA

Preparing for a new challenge is always difficult. Venturing in the unknown invariably leaves many questions unanswered, regardless how adamantly one prepares for it. MBA […]

The path to management consulting

Diana Menzies (MBA’18) is from Montreal, Canada. She graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Engineering and Applied Sciences in 2012.  After graduation, Diana […]

McGill MBA Women & the Opportunity to Explore Capital Markets

While the world of finance is changing rapidly and a growing number of women join the industry, representation in financial services senior leadership roles remains […]

Detecting emotions: an AI challenge for two McGill MBA’s

It all started with a conversation, halfway across the world… With the McGill first-year MBA’s currently on their international study trip, our minds wander back […]