Desautels MBA

Some people buy a Ferrari… I preferred a change of life – Julio Castañeda (MBA’19)

At some point during the first week of my MBA Basecamp at Desautels in McGill I heard the phrase “Middle age crisis usually leads people […]

A recruiter’s letter from India

Flashback – I remember the first time that I traveled to India: September 2016. I was somewhat thrilled to go to a new country that […]

An ambitious goal requires an ambitious MBA program – by Olivier Forgues (MBA’19)

A month ago, we walked into class for the first time, wide-eyed, inspired, ready to meet the challenges of this world-class MBA. In 4 short […]

My career switch to Investment Banking – Jayden Van (MBA’17)

The first thoughts that come to mind when I think about my McGill Desautels MBA experience is simply ‘life changing.’ McGill University had always been […]

Looking back at the MBA World Summit 2017: Parul Chawla (MBA’18)

MBA World Summit 2017: An Unbelievable Experience My name is Parul Chawla and I was recently selected, from almost 3,000 applicants worldwide, as 1 of […]