Desautels MBA

Bridging cultures through e-commerce : Singals.ca

Three years ago I arrived from India to Montreal for my MBA at McGill. By that time, I had worked for 4 years in the […]

The Desautels Cup celebrates its 10th year!

A highlight of our MBA program, the annual Desautels Cup challenges participants to put their first-semester knowledge to the test. This tradition was originally put […]

From the CFL to Shopify

Erik Galas did his undergrad at McGill University in Health and Physical Education, where he was also an active member of the basketball and football […]

MBA Games 2018

“WE AT THE HO-TEL MO-TEL DESAU-TEL!!!” “M-C-G-I double L!! Reppin’ McGill Desau-TEL!!!” Clad in McGill red hoodies and sweatpants with beanies and scarves to match, […]

How I tackled the GMAT on my own

The GMAT is definitely one of the most daunting parts of the application and is required by the majority of business schools, regardless of your […]