Desautels MBA

How a touring singer songwriter turned into a management consultant

What does a Chemistry Major, turned touring singer songwriter do once she has reached the point where a music career no longer seems like the […]

Student advice: Find a school and program that excite you

My MBA journey (so far!) My name is Pallavi and I am from Mumbai, India. Back home, I was a professional dancer who moonlighted as […]

Our potential and responsibility are as big as we want them to be

A twenty-eight-year-old Peruvian woman, I was lucky to have had the best education possible in Peru, various work experiences ranging from retail to banking and […]

Today’s consultants have not one, but a variety of skills

Daisy Dedeian (MBA’17) did a Bachelor in Business Administration at the American University of Beirut, where she graduated with distinction. In 2009, she joined Ernst & […]

A Doctor and an MBA, why?

Looking back, September 22nd was a memorable date for me. That is the day I took my first step towards my future career, the day […]