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Shathish Venkatesan (MBA’18) : How I got a summer internship at Facebook

Hello everyone, this is Shathish from MBA class of 2018. In this post, I am going to explain about my exciting MBA journey so far. […]

The Fit – The best cohort is the ‘right’ cohort.

Every year, the recruitment and admissions team strives to select the best candidates to fill our cohort. 65-85 spots may sound easy to fill when […]

Meet our Road Warriors

The traveling season is starting and our MBA Recruitment Team is getting ready to go back on the road. From China to Brazil, we roam […]

Welcome to the McGill MBA Desautels Blog

Welcome to the McGill MBA Desautels’ Blog! Whether you have stumbled on this platform by accident or whether you intended on coming here, this is […]