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Consulting at McGill : Our MBA alumni share their knowledge

Five companies, five perspectives On Friday September 29th, 2017 the McGill Management Consulting Club (MMCC) organized a panel event at the Faculty of Management where […]

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Figure out the why !

One of the most common questions that you will hear from any recruiter as you navigate through the different school programs, is : “Why do […]

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A recruiter’s letter from India

Flashback – I remember the first time that I traveled to India: September 2016. I was somewhat thrilled to go to a new country that […]

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The Fit – The best cohort is the ‘right’ cohort.

Every year, the recruitment and admissions team strives to select the best candidates to fill our cohort. 65-85 spots may sound easy to fill when […]

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Meet our Road Warriors

The traveling season is starting and our MBA Recruitment Team is getting ready to go back on the road. From China to Brazil, we roam […]

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