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The Fit – The best cohort is the ‘right’ cohort.

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The Fit – The best cohort is the ‘right’ cohort.

Author : Keum-Yeo (Anna) Brochet

Every year, the recruitment and admissions team strives to select the best candidates to fill our cohort. 65-85 spots may sound easy to fill when you have a worldly reputation like McGill’s but when you consider a large number of qualified and impressive candidates from the four corners of the globe, the challenge emerges from the idea of picking the ‘right’ students. ‘The Right Fit’ is an expression you will hear from every school but you will truly comprehend its meaning when you look at a cohort that emphasizes the quality of its network over its quantity,  year after year. Every year, we pride ourselves in bringing together a group of outstanding, diverse and proactive individuals who are ready to make their mark into the world while caring for one another.
To a McGill Desautels MBA, ‘being successful’ encompasses so much more than just financial success, it also means thriving as a active member of the community.

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